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Juicing: The 2nd week (I’m addicted)


Ok if this is how good “fad diets” feel then sign me up! I’m not a doctor, but based on my 2 week experience I would recommend juicing to anyone who is feeling:

a little heavy

a little tired

a little moody, or…

like you just need a little kickstart!

After 2 weeks of juicing fruits and veggies for 3 meals a day (can’t say I didn’t cheat just a little… popcorn is my weakness), I really felt a difference in my body. I made sure to not do too much research on the effects  of juicing, just so that I didn’t imagine that my body was feeling a certain way based on how I thought it should start to feel. As you can see from the recipes that I post on my blog, we eat very healthy and vegetable-based meals. However, juicing really took it to a whole new level. The difference was that we could now consume so many more nutrients in a juice that could be drunk in 30 seconds, than if we were to chew, swallow and digest the same amount of food (boring and not always flavorful). Who has time to eat a pound of spinach for breakfast?

This is how I felt after 2 weeks of juicing (plus what I mentioned after 1 week):

  1. More sensitive taste, (things that didn’t taste salty before, now taste overly salted). It feels like my palette was “reset.”
  2. Less cravings for processed foods (mostly sugary), and more cravings for fruit. We started making “desert” juices at night with pineapple, apple, melon and lime, over ice. So Good!
  3. A little weight loss, and less bloating.
  4. Really stable mood. I didn’t have low low’s, and most of the time felt pretty great.
  5. Get ready for TMI… really regular “movements.” Oh yeah, gotta love that!
  6. I felt full after a big green juice (I do 4 cups measured), and even went for runs after having just a juice for breakfast and didn’t feel like I was light headed or tired.

The second week was much easier than the first, and I still juice every day (I’m addicted). Miles and I both have a huge Gnarly Green Juice every morning (between the two of us juicing, and our loud coffee grinder, our neighbors are falling in love with us). Overall, my body feels really happy with me and that’s what its all about right? I think you should give it a shot.

Afternoon Ginger Carrot Juice

Good Afternoon Ginger Juice

Good Afternoon Ginger Juice

  • thumb of ginger
  • carrots
  • apple
  • cantaloupe
  • pineapple

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4 thoughts on “Juicing: The 2nd week (I’m addicted)

  1. you’re a stronger woman than i. 🙂

  2. You Rock! Gotta love whole-food plant based foods!

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