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How to Give Your Wetsuit an End-of-Season Cleaning

Summer in Southern California is over (but is it really?) and it is time to give those Spring suits a rinse before you hang them up for the Winter. Wetsuits can be a little tricky to clean because they are so “delicate” in some ways. You never want to put them through a washer/dryer cycle, and you don’t want to use any harsh cleaners. But what is the best way to give your spring suit a rinse with more than just fresh water before you retire it for the season? There are some wetsuit cleaning products on the market but they are usually pretty expensive. ┬áThis is what I have found to help get any smells out, and to help stop any mildew ┬áthat might grow on the off-season.

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Garlicky Broccoli and Spaghetti Squash

Hey guys I’ve moved to a much better, self-hosted site. You can check this recipe out here:



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